Talat School utilizes age customized accredited curricula that meet the needs of every child

Elementary curricula
Language Arts Curriculum
Children's English language skills vary, that is why Talat School has selected a language curriculum that can adapt to their needs. "Literacy by Design" is a comprehensive, research-based, reading and writing program with state of the art technology components. The curriculum includes activities for large and small groups as well as independent learning while developing children's reading and writing skills in parallel. 

1- Reading Program 

The reading program strives to meet all children's needs by offering a varied selection of reading materials at eight different levels, within each grade. In addition to hard copy reading materials, Literacy by Design also includes the Fluent Reader and Developmental Phonics softwares.

A. Fluent Reader Web Application

Fluent Reader is a web-based application designed for children to improve their reading fluency by reading and re-reading leveled passages. Children using Fluent Reader software will:
  • read along with a fluent reader
  • record their own readings
  • listen to their recordings
  • send the teacher their best recorded reading sample 

B- Developmental Phonics Software

Developmental Phonics is a CD-ROM designed to help children develop phonological awareness and key phonics skills through interactive activities. The activities support reading independence through a four-tiered instruction and practice system:
  • sound matching
  • sound isolation
  • matching sounds and the letters 
  • applying letter-sound correspondences

2. Writing Program

The writing program connects what children read with what they write. Children are given mentor texts that exemplify the traits of good writing to use as writing role models as they cover the four key elements of writing instruction:
  • writing forms
  • organizational patterns
  • writing process
  • writing traits
Please visit www.rigby.com/literacybydesign to learn more.
Mathematics Curriculum
Problem Solving Approach
Character Education
Movement Education

Super Moves is a movement education program that was designed specifically for early childhood programs. Children will have the opportunity to participate in movement activities during large group time, outdoor time and gym time. This movement program provides opportunities for children to physically experience and develop fundamental movement concepts.

To learn more visit www.pwap.com/supermoves/about.cfm.  

1- Fundamental Movement Concepts
Spatial awareness & movement direction Locomotor Skills Manipulative Skills Body Management Skills

2- Sample Movement Activities
Boundaries, personal space, start/stop, near/far, left/right Hopping, jumping, walking, running Volleying, throwing, kicking, catching, dribbling, rolling Flexibility, balance, strength, coordination

Digital Literacy
Green Curriclum
 Digital Communication


Talat School will use authentic assessment to evaluate children's progress. This means that authentic work samples, the product of a child's work in the classroom, will be collected along with observations of your child's interactions to show growth and progress in a variety of academic and skill areas over time. 

Authentic assessment focuses on the child's strengths as opposed to their weaknesses. It is a reporting tool that helps teachers and parents set goals, but more importantly, gives the child a positive learning environment in which to grow and develop. A learning environment where adults are trained to observe and document children's successes... not their failures! Talat School will use the following authentic assessment tools:

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